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I am a former History Instructor at Arizona State University and current Doctoral Candidate at the University of Mississippi whose focus is on race gender and identity in the history of the U S and Latin America A graduate of Georgia Southern University I earned my Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and History and Master of Arts in History After serving in the U S Army I attended Arizona State University where I earned master s degrees in education and liberal studies focusing on the role that film and television play in shaping our perspectives about culture and gender

In 2016, I published The Token Black Guide, which discusses and examines experiences and perspectives (historical and personal) on race in America. In February 2020, I presented a TEDx Talk at the University of Mississippi entitled "The Importance of the Narrative." I am the author of Bastards of the Bayou and Magnolia Lane, fictional works which blend History and Horror. Additionally, I have served as the coordinator and guide for tours on the University of Mississippi campus contextualizing the history of slavery. In Fall of 2021, I assumed the role of Managing Editor for the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (SRE), an academic publication discussing and analyzing issues related to race and identity.

For those who revel in spine-tingling sensations and crave the adrenaline rush of the unknown, this young adult horror collection will be an absolute treat. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and R.L. Stine, this collection of horrifying tales will captivate young adult readers with its hauntingly atmospheric settings, plot twists, and unforgettable characters. Are you ready to face the darkness that lies within these pages? Dare to uncover the secrets that wait for you in the shadows, and let your nightmares take flight.

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Louisiana Bayou

Magnolia Lane

Victoria Blanc ruled her Southern Empire proudly and in defiance of the social mores and norms imposed upon her. But her reign ended in violence and bloodshed. 150 years later, a tour group caught in flash floods and blinding rains will seek refuge in the home, violating the one rule of the house. Now they must come face to face with the horror and violence of “The Magnolia."

150 years later, a group touring her home will seek refuge within its walls… violating the one rule of the house…

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